The Story

What up HIJ Fam! It’s been a while but I’m finally working on focusing more of my time on HIJ. I really need to make blogging a habit! I have been slacking a bit on HIJ but Jesus, my part time job and school is also a big part of my life. I just need to work on prioritizing my time better! I got a couple new blog posts in the works so I’ll get the practice. Last semester I was going through some tough times which slowed things down with HIJ but this semester has been amazing. I am filled with happiness and excited for the future! I am sure by now many of y’all have noticed the new logo. I know it was not too long since the last one but this one is here to stay! Let me explain.

Many of you might know that I came up with the symbol above to represent my initials during my sophomore year in High School. This was around the time I was obsessed with the movie Scarface and wanted a cool symbol for my initials like Scarface had on the back of his chair in his mansion. So after messing around with the letters of my initials I came up with the symbol above. I would use it as a sort of tag and I would draw it on desks, whiteboards, bathrooms and I would sketch it out all the time. It’s funny to think that close to 3 years after the creation of the symbol I would be using it as a logo to start a clothing company.

So I really liked my original symbol and I had it as my initial logo for my first 3 tee shirts. It was the HIJ Clothing official logo up until a year in business. After a year of testing the waters I realized I wanted to change up the design. It took some thinking and consideration but I eventually decided to just do it. So I did a simple update to the logo and I came up with the symbol pictured above. I’m not even going to get into the many reasons for the logo change but I am glad I did. It has led me to create something even greater than I ever imagined that has so much more meaning to me.

I released my first series with the updated logo but after 6 months with the updated logo I decided to change it once again. It’s awesome because it wasn’t up until after the design process that I found so much meaning to my logo and immediately fell in love with the design. All it took was a friend’s simple comment to bring about the idea of the design. My good friend Dale had mentioned that my second logo looked like half a shield. I didn’t see it at first up until he pointed it out. That comment stayed with me for a while and I was on Photoshop one day and decided to mess around with the idea of having a shield looking logo. Using what I already had, I made a copy of the logo and then mirrored it to make it whole. Then I saw that the HIJ letters were still noticeable. It was in a different way but the letters were still there even with the major change. I showed it to a couple people and one of my roommates noticed that if you looked even closer that you could see the letters of CLOTHING. That is when my mind was blown and I knew that I had to do something with this design! I then remade the design on illustrator which turned out exactly how I wanted it to. I am happy to announce that this new logo is now the official logo for HIJ Clothing!

In honor of the new logo I have released these crewneck sweatshirts. They are limited to 50 and it might not be sweater season in Texas anymore but I like to where mine when I can. Maybe you live up north or you’re in a lot of cold rooms. I don’t know, but you can always find a good excuse to wear a sweatshirt. Especially a sweatshirt that is super comfortable! I am not lying when I say that I don’t want to take mine off sometimes. They are printed on American Apparel California Fleece and are not too thick either. I finally added Hem tags to HIJ production and they double as the size and care label to have extra tag less comfort around the neck! Slowly but surely HIJ Clothing is becoming what I have always dreamed. I assure you that I will never quit working on HIJ and improving HIJ. I am sure that I will always find something to make HIJ as best as it can be!

To buy your Crewneck Sweatshirt click HERE or click on the Web Store button on the top menu!